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Victor Jacobs, 73y, Lembeek
Due to a bicycle accident in 2004 I had a back surgery. But I have never been without pain, even after the surgery. After 5 treatments in the rugkliniek my back was much better than is has even been for the past 14 years. I have more strength in my legs and feet and can walk better. I can keep myself straight, the sensitivity in my leg has improved significantly, it's much easier the bend my leg, so I can put on my socks and shoes without any problems!

Jimmy Verstraete, 32y, Halle
Hi everyone, I would like to share my experience with the treatment with Tine. I have a broken spine therefor I'm paralyzed from the chest down to the legs. It's incredible how my mobility and pain improves after one session.
Where other doctors say "learn to cope with it", Tine looks even further for the underlying causes that make it much more pleasant for me !!! So fellow sufferers, it's the place to be! Greetings Jimmy.

Saartje Desmedt, mother of Cis Herremans, 4 months, Pepingen
At first, Cis immediately vomitted all the milk, even half a meter away! He kicked a lot with his legs and had a lot of intestinal cramps. Tine released his stomach and intestines so he could digest more easily. Result: after 3 treatments, he drinks very well without vomiting milk, it rots very quickly now, after eating and cramps are gone. As a mother, you do not want your children to suffer, I'm glad he's not bothered by that anymore!

Laetitia Claus, 27y, Halle
After having my physical complaints muddled for a long time, it came to the point that I could barely use my right arm due to enormous pains in my forearm. Tine managed to show me the seriousness of the matter by going over my body's x-rays. Finally I received a clear answer to the why of my general pain.

After 1 single treatment I was able to move normally again and I also noticed a noticeable difference of my posture in the mirror.
Despite my fear of cracking certain places due to bad experiences in the past, Tine was able to regain my faith in osteopathy.
Thank you so much Tine! I look forward to the upcoming sessions :)

Theo Van Verre, 62y, Sint-Laureins-Berchem
I have had pain in my neck and back for over 10 years. I went to the physiotherapist every 2 weeks, only to be 1 or 2 days better. But afterwards the pain kept coming back. I felt that I was completely skewed. Tine went looking for the cause of the pain, and worked on everything that was crooked. After 4 treatments I had been able to stay pain free for 3 weeks. The only thing that came back was some tension in my neck, but I can't complain anymore about the rest! Now we take a single treatment every 3 months for maintenance, because in the meantime I can continue for a longer time without treatment.

Serge Vanlulle, 52y, Pepingen
My shoulder started to hurt after I placed a seal. 6 months later it was still very painful. When I also got pain in the process, I got my knee, calf and adductors while walking, it was clear to me that I had to do something about it. With waiting and resting it did not go away by itself, I had tried that long enough. Through a friend / pharmacist I ended up at Tine Moonens. 

After the first treatment I already felt a world of difference. Another 2 treatments later I can walk painlessly and throw my ball back to the dog. So that is very happy again! :)
Because my shoulder was so sore I couldn't play squash. After giving up all those months, I now have full confidence to resume squash, thanks!

Alain Donckels, 57y, Lembeek
Since 2 months I already had problems with my lower back. Despite my high pain threshold, I was in a lot of pain, and painkillers did not help. I had pain when stooping and standing. After the first treatment at Tine Moonens I already felt a lot of relief, my back felt smoother and more mobile. After each follow-up treatment, it gets better and better. I was afraid of my back because of the different beds on the tour that I just made in Asia, but my back has remained pain-free!

Roland Van Impe, 66y, Lembeek
2 years ago I broke a vertebra after falling down the stairs with a heavy blow. The fracture has healed well, but then the complaints started. Then the doctors would put cement in it and it would have gone from bad to worse. The doctors found nothing in their examinations.
But I couldn't walk, my foot always dragged and I was in great pain with every step. Tingling in my leg made me feel even more uncertain when walking. My case was a bit more persistent because I needed 6 treatments in a short time to be good. I was even about to stop, but it was good that Tine Moonens told me that I had to keep going. And what a difference!
After 2 years I can finally go through life without pain medication! To be honest, I had already given up the pain relief to be possible, until I met this lady.

Kenny Willems, 28y, Halle
I was just putting something in the cart when my lower back suddenly got stuck. I could no longer move and had to lie flat in the seat. The pain went to my buttock and I was in constant pain with occasional fierce pain as I moved. After 2 treatments I was relieved of the pain.

Charlotte Cox, 33y, Dworp
I've always had neck pain and migraines headaches. I am studying and wanted to have less headache during the exams to be able to concentrate well on studying so I had come to the back clinic. I once had a migraine, not drinking any water after a whole day (a mistake of mine), but when the migraine broke it was already gone after a few hours instead of taking it all day and night, a big difference!
Furthermore, during my studies I had a lot less trouble than usual!

Chris Dooms, 42y, Hove
I had low back pain for years before going to the back clinic. It was shot in with work in the garden and never left. Sometimes the pain was very intense, with strong stitches. The pain spread to my leg. After the treatments in the back clinic I can safely say that the therapy works in the long term, the radiating has never returned. Now I feel it myself when it's needed and let me treat myself regularly, but now I don't let it get that far anymore!

Headache. Neck pain. And migraines. Always in pain basically. I couldn't live like that any longer. I had already been everywhere. Nowhere with a positive result. For more than 10 years I was in constant pain, and no one could help me. The doctor said that I needed injections and kine. 27 sessions of physiotherapy later I was still in pain.
On my own initiative, I ended up at the back clinic. A bit hopeless. Can they help me there?

Already after 2 treatments, the difference was day and night!
The headache was gone, a few times soms pain in my neck but not comparable to before.
The result has literally changed my life. I can now enjoy my children more, which I can now give the attention they deserve. My husband never hears me complain again, and friends and family have seen me perk up more and more every time! If you're always in pain, you get used to it. But now it's different. I went to check last week after 6 months. But in the meantime I have never had a migraine, I have never ever experienced this. I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently while I am writing this, but still in writing:


Sven Magnus, 39y, Halle
In the back clinic they are concerned with you, it inspires confidence and they take the time for your problem. A full analysis is performed, after which the treatment takes place immediately. After a number of treatments I can go back, and feel better than I thought! They loosen where it is stuck, but you don't have to tell them, they also feel where those places are and then work on it. Great, thanks!

Karolien Evenepoel, 29y, Halle
I had pain in my shoulder for 6 months before I went to Tine. I could not raise my arm so did not put on my pull or comb my hair. On 4 treatments she got everything loose and I felt like a completely different person. That is now 2 years ago.

Cindy Van Haute, 32 years old, Ruisbroek

"Back clinic Moonens has changed my life!"

Bie Schelpe, 59y, Halle
I was very excited about the treatment. I had never been to an osteopath before, I was even frightened, I didn't want to be cracked. But the approach is so specific that the treatment did not hurt. After 3 treatments I was immediately a lot better. After the fourth treatment, the pain that I had for more than 8 years had completely disappeared. In the past I always had pain in my back and knees, and sometimes even when walking. That is past tense. I am very happy with the results after the treatments and should never have made it that far. Now I know better, I occasionally get checked preventively!

Last year I suddenly had another problem: I couldn't breathe. That is to say, I could breathe in, but I felt a sharp stab with every breath, as if I was stabbed with a knife. After 3 treatments she has released my entire chest and especially the fierce blockage of my rib so that I can breathe again relieved :)

Amber Magnus, 18y, Halle
When I go to Tine, I am always helped very quickly. She works clearly, gently and always tackles the problem very well. She also fully explains where your pain comes from and how she will resolve it. Feel a lot lighter every time! Definitely a must!

Shannon Dequanter, 22y, Huizingen

After a treatment I feel reborn every time.

I feel lighter, smoother and fly out, as it were. The right places are sought and tackled efficiently. I look forward to visiting and getting treated.

Julienne Fievez, 88y, Halle

I feel like I'm 20 years old!

I came for neck pain and back pain. I am very satisfied with the treatments and the result, it is heaven and earth difference.

Luc Holderbeke, 62y, Halle

In one word: it was a very very efficient consultation, at least in a short session and certainly worth repeating (s). I was very enthusiastic about the intervention and the smooth and to-the-point contact.

Els Aerts, 50y, Ruisbroek

I feel fitter as if I'm swirling through life again.

I had low back pain for a long time. Then I ended up here on the advice of my husband and I was helped here very well. Since I am in treatment, I feel looser and more flexible.

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